No matter how they propose to slice up the 17% tax increase, its just another new tax we don't need.
Another tax you can only avoid by calling city leaders and telling them NO!

Nov 18, 2009 Time is running out to stop city managers from spending your tax money trying to bail out their budget mistakes. 

What is at Stake?
This matter has already been voted on.  Remember the Project Destiny.  85% NO means NO.  Enough is enough already.  With record turn outs why push the issue repeatedly

Recession, Flood, now a new TAX!
What we need is a tax break.  All they are trying to do here is find a way to recover the money lost in court from their illegal franchise tax.  Now they want to re-vote on a tax that failed 85% no.
With voters sending such a clear message before we are surprised a revote is even legal. 
Call your city leaders today and tell them it is time to STOP.

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Vote NO to Higher Taxes


Higher taxes are not needed anywhere in Iowa.  Des Moines City leaders are trying to dupe you into paying higher taxes to cover their budget mistakes and illegal franchise tax collection.  Don't fall for it the last thing any American needs right now is a new or a higher tax.
This is a new tax you will pay for the rest of your life.  They will always find an excuse to keep you paying it.  With the floods and recession we just don't need more new taxes.  Our local governments are out of control with spending.
Do your part to keep people from leaving Iowa.  Keep taxes from going up!
Higher wages are what we need in Iowa, not higher taxes.  Keeping young Iowans working in Iowa is very important to Iowa.  Please don't believe in the hype that we need more taxes.  Iowa is in the lowest 20% of wages earned compared to the other 50 states.  Iowa is in the upper 50% of highest in overall tax burden compared to the other 50 states. Iowa is tied for 1st place, with the highest state corporate tax rate in the country.  This expensive combination of high taxes and low wages is hurting opportunity in Iowa and driving native Iowans to work elsewhere.  Please do your part to keep taxes from going even higher and get out and vote NO to new taxes.
  What, Again?
First the Destinty tax, now this.   I guess I feel like they will always increase  taxes unless I vote NO to any new tax. 

  Spread the word
Tell your friends this sales tax idea in a recession is total BS.  We need recession help not them.

   Raise My Taxes to Lower Them Later? Hmmm,  I am not sure I understand the logic in this?  I get it, I am paying more taxes.


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