Frequently asked questions for the return of the warren County local option vote again in 2008.
       Vote No July 8, 2008

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 Vote NO July 8, 2008
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Why Vote NO, this Gives Us Money back , Right?
No there is no sense what so ever in using one tax to pay a small portion of another tax.  What you are left with are 2 taxes, one new, and both will only go up and never go away.   Please don't believe the hype.   Indianola is giving back $50,000.  This would be nice if they were not taking in millions. $50,000/$6,500,000.00=0.007 hmmm ... not much of a refund, definitely not relief.
This measure mandates Warren County taxpayers will agree to pay millions in higher taxes.
In simple terms you pay $100 in new taxes and you get back $7.  This is a rip off.

Why are the Warren County area City Governments broke?
The local city governments in Warren county and all over Iowa are running their budgets at 120% above what they take in taxes and are always hoping for more and more tax dollars.  This creates a situation where they always need more money.  How many developments are going on right now?  How many tax increases have been proposed lately?  Shouldn't we be saving some of these tax revenue options for a rainy day or maybe a flood? 
  A good City is ran at 80% to make sure there is surplus capacity of budget revenue and also the services provided.

It’s Unnecessary-There is no shortage of money in our local governments.  There is a lack of responsibility in spending.  Giving them more money won’t change that.  The more money they have the more ways they can think of to spend more and more money.  If they would only run our cities at 80%, not at 120%, we might be able to save for the future.  It is time to cut back not to increase taxes.  We have cut back in recession, so why can't our local government do the same?

Forgetting Something- Indianola is on a campaign to convince you this will only cost you $50 a year?  Families we looked at spent around $500/mo. on utilities alone.  Remember all utilities carry the local option tax like gas, electric, cable, cell or regular phone, sewer, water, garbage and for most families they will spend $50 for the new tax JUST for utilities.  The actual family cost figure is $100-$150/yr.  for the new tax cost per family.  Who wants  $150 in new taxes each year, that could be 3 new kid's bikes?  Do not accept tax estimates from the cities taxing you.

It’s Unfair
- A sales tax is considered a regressive tax impacting poorer families most.  Why should poor and working  families pay the most for the things we were told were already being paid for by what they collect now in these high taxes we already pay?

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